Wednesday, January 23, 2013

About Us & Instagram

It came to my attention recently that most people don't realize that there are two people blogging on this blog. Which is fair we just started blogging with no real introduction. So the people on my (my = Jessica BTW) facebook think this is my blog and the people on Brandi's facebook think that this is her blog. Of course...they are both correct!

I am Jessica I live in Seattle. I'm married with 3 kids. Brandi lives in Kansas City, is also married and with one kid and one baby on the way! We "met" a few years ago on the internetz and our friendship has blossomed over the years. We discovered we had a lot in common from our history of being stabbed (just with pencils), our love of rap music and most of all our love of cake (and sir-mix-alot).

One day on the facebook Brandi posted that she wanted to start a blog where she went through a cake cookbook and made every cake in the book. Sort of a Julie & Julia sort of blog. Me being totally obnoxious jumped on it and said "OMG YES! Do it! Not only should you do it, but I will do it with you!" Now I will never know if she actually wanted to do the blog or if she actually wanted to do the blog with me because I got all eager puppy and jumped all over it and never thought about actually asking or anything. Oops.

Brandi picked a book of cakes and I picked Martha Stewart's cupcake book. As the months went by we both were busy and a bit unmotivated. Then I found out there is already a blog doing Martha Stewart's cupcake book. So it evolved to where we are just doing whatever we want and Brandi does cakes and I do cupcakes.

There were a lot of names tossed out while naming this blog. I was honestly (and still am) rather fond of Bone Thugs & Cakery but I guess it probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense or flow well but I loved it all the same. After tossing around many names we settled on Baby Got Cake. Brandi went and snatched up the domain name and the name on blogger.

We discovered however that there are a lot of people on the Internet squatting on various sites with the name baby got cake. Most accounts are going unused and it's so frustrating. So recently taking a page out of the Internet squatters book I went around and snatched up the name wherever we could. Unfortunately a lot of places it was already in use so I had to go with BabyGotCakeBlog which I suppose is better than nothing. So now we may never need a GMail, or a tumblr (ummm what's a tumblr???), a Flickr or an Etsy shop but if it ever comes up, the names are ours!!! We even have a twitter (and we are following sir-mix-alot) despite the fact that both Brandi & I are a bit twitter unaware.

The one thing we do know how to use (um sort of) is Instagram. So far all that we have posted is a bunch of pictures of cupcakes that I found in my phone but hopefully we will start using it more. So everyone should follow us at BabyGotCakeBlog on Instagram!

So in closing we have a lot of hope for this blog...mostly that it goes viral and a movie is made about it. I haven't decided who should play me yet, I am still considering actresses!

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