Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bachelorette Cake

It's been a while! I see that my last post was my son's first birthday cake. He's four now...
I'm the World's laziest blogger, so I eventually stopped blogging and just started sharing all the photos of my cakes on Facebook. No camera, no full sentences. Just an iPhone and a few characters. More time for cake. Totally suits me. 

I was asked by a friend at work to make this cake and while perusing Pinterest, I was kind of stunned by what was out there. People are so...creative 😝  Luckily, she had something in mind so I could stop looking at all the ideas out there. This is the link I was given. I'm not sure who did it, but this cake had all the elements. Realistic vein, hair, hand, and other... stuff, haha! I followed it almost to a t. I made the cake so tall, it would have looked really wonky to have a thumb on there. Come on though. Does anyone really even notice that it's missing?!  

Anyway, the reason I'm back is because these pics aren't safe for the FB. Or IG. And probably not even this. But I'm SO proud of the work I put in, I just have to share. So I'll give you the warning. It's a bachelorette cake. So if you find man parts offensive, you're gonna want to move on.

In case of issues with preview photos, I'll start with something super tame. I colored my own fondant and was surprised to find out that the "Copper" color you get in those Wilton gel color boxes is actually pretty useful. Who knew it would be flesh tone?!

I had to share this because I'm lame. I had to carve this thing, so I felt super creative using the cake scraps to roll up a nice, fat vein :)

This was the point where I thought, "I just might pull this off!"

Here was where I finally had the majority done. Those nails were a bit tricky. I used my own hand as a model to cut from the fondant and used cut up lollipop sticks to secure the fingers to the cake.

This was the final shot and as usual, my kitchen lighting is terrible. And it was 2am when I finished so these shots really aren't the best anyway. But there you have it. I'm just excited I finally got to use those alphabet fondant cutters my MIL got me for Christmas 😊

I didn't take it to work, for obvious reasons but my son always asks when he knows I took cake to work if there was any leftover. He didn't see it since I did all the work post bedtime, he just knows I made a cake. So I had to laugh when he asked me today if there was any leftover, ha!